IM Connect has taken its roots from the tough commercial mailing house industry, which is extremely dependent on versatility and reliability. This environment has given IM Connect a background that is entirely 'Application & Solution' driven with 'hard-learned lessons and well-founded sensibilities' serving as the foundation for our systems, engineering design and integration philosophy.


Designing and Manufacturing of Cost Effective Solutions that and 'Work Simply and Simply Work!'


With this background and philosophy, IM Connect designs, manufactures and offers reliable and cost effective integrated systems for any mail processing applications.

IM Connect's Modular Product Platform

All IM Connect modular input channels, operating software, integrity management solutions and the range of pre and post processing modules can be integrated with a variety of high speed inserters for creating fully featured, intelligent and flexible mailing systems.

System Operation Overview

At the highest speeds and with the smallest foot-print in the industry, IM Connect's intelligent and modular input channels feed, read, database access, match, accumulate, merge and fold variable multiple document sets in cut sheet or continuous format, from single or multiple print streams before delivery to a fully integrated inserter for adding selective or matched enclosures, and other finishing functions such as printing & personalization, metering, conveyor stacking or automatic traying

Cut Sheet and Continuous Input Formats?

Only one IM Connect input channel is required for processing cut sheet and/or continuous formats, without the need of re-setup or changeover. .